Energy Battery Container

Energy Battery container,a highly integrated battery container with three-tier battery management system,high protection level and all-round fire control system.It satisfies the application requirem-ents of various industrial and commercial scenarios.

Energy Storage Outdoor Control Cabinet

Energy Storage Outdoor Control Cabinet an outdoor independent control cabinet designed with integrated concept and is perfectly matched with outdoor battery cabinets for all scenarios. Product highlights:Prefabricated cabin design, the on-site wiring workload is reduced by 70%, no large crane is required, forklift can be installed.

Liquid Cooled Energy Storage Integrated Machine

Battery+BMS+PCS+Liquid Cooling System+EMS and more Highly integrated ESS for easy transportation and O&M. The integrated and modular design allows the site to be quickly set up and used.

Hybrid Energy Storage Integrated Machine

a hybrid all-in-one BESS, compatible with high voltage LFP battery system, can achieve the best function to maximize clean solar power usage for your home while maintaining a sleek and professional look and making BESS installation easier than ever.

Hybrid Energy Storage Integrated Machine - Single-phase

a brand new single phase hybrid all-in-one BESS, is best for all electric vehicle owners. It fully meets your needs of daily charging at home after get off work. Gain higher battery capacity with better home energy protection.

Hybrid Energy Storage Integrated Machine-Three-phase

a high-efficiency three-phase high voltage hybrid all-in-one BESS. It supports 1-6 battery modules p

Single Phase Grid-tied Inverter

Bigger PV Modules,Smaller PV inverter. 20% lighter than other inverters. 3-5kW IMPPT single-phase focus matching 210mm photovoltaic modules. Low starting voltage, only 80V, the widest MPPT voltage range 80-550V.

Single Phase Hybrid Inverter

Single Phase Hybrid Inverter designed to seamlessly connect with the battery box, ensuring total usage of clean energy at all times. Even if the installation space is limited, the design of the split inverter and battery can meet the constraints of different scenarios.

Three-Phase Hybrid Inverter

a three-phase hybrid inverter with a power output range of 5-13kW. Compatible with both single-phase and three-phase loads, with ability to support 110% unbalanced load, and is well-suited for various home application environments.

Household Stackable Energy Storage

high voltage LFP battery with an innovative scalable modular design, allowing for capacity expansion from 4.99kWh to 29.9kWh. Stackable design between modules reduces installation and maintenance time. Long life technology ensures more than 7000 cycles with 90% DOD of cells. 1C Charge/discharg ratio, providing high power energy support.


Energy Storage

Photovoltaic energy storage technology has a wide range of application values in many fields, and is of great significance to improve energy efficiency, reduce environmental pollution and promote sustainable development.

What is Energy Storage?

Energy Storage refers to converting solar energy into electricity through photovoltaic modules (solar panels), and storing it through energy storage devices (such as batteries, batteries, etc.) to supply power when needed. Energy storage technology can help bridge the time gap between energy generation and consumption, improve energy efficiency and ensure a stable supply of electric energy.

What are the application scenarios of Energy Storage?

1.Power grid frequency regulation and stability: The energy storage system can quickly respond to changes in power grid demand, release or absorb energy, help the power grid balance supply and demand, and maintain a stable power frequency.

2.Peak cutting and valley filling: The energy storage system stores energy during the low peak period of electricity consumption, and re-releases energy during the peak period of electricity consumption, reducing the load pressure of the grid and the electricity expenditure of the user.

3.Renewable energy integration: Energy storage systems can store electricity generated by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, smoothing power generation fluctuations and ensuring sustainable energy supply.

4.Backup power/emergency energy: In the case of power failure or power interruption, the energy storage system can be used as an emergency backup power to ensure the normal operation of critical facilities and civilian energy needs.

5.Electric vehicles: Used for the energy storage needs of electric vehicles, electric bicycles and other electric transportation devices, providing charging and driving energy.

6.Residential energy storage: household users cooperate with solar photovoltaic systems to improve energy efficiency, reduce electricity costs, and achieve energy self-sufficiency.

7.commercial and Industrial energy storage: Industrial and commercial users can use energy storage systems to optimize energy management, reduce electricity costs, ensure critical business operations and cooperate with renewable energy planning.

8.Micro-grid system: Independent of the central grid, micro-grid system can achieve independent power supply through energy storage technology, enhance the reliability and stability of power supply, especially for remote areas or temporary buildings.

What is the composition of photovoltaic Energy Storage system?

1.PV Module

Through the photovoltaic effect, solar energy is converted into direct current electricity.

2.Energy storage device

Usually a battery or other energy storage device, used to store the electricity generated by the photovoltaic module.

3.Power Conversion System:used to control the voltage, current and discharge state of the rechargeable battery to protect the safe operation of the energy storage device.

4.Hybrid inverter:converts the direct current energy in the energy storage device into AC power to supply the power grid, home equipment and commercial equipment.

5.BMS、EMS: Monitor the operation of the entire photovoltaic system to ensure efficient and reliable operation.

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