Independent Control Cabinet

Independent control cabinet is a combination of various contactors, circuit breakers, relays and other traditional low-voltage electrical appliances and inverter,PLC, point touch screen and other modern, intelligent control equipment, to meet the requirements of the normal operation of the power system, easy maintenance. Independent control cabinet is widely used in industrial control, power system, transportation, communication, medicine, metallurgy, construction, mining and other fields.

Combined Electric Control Cabinet

The outer shell of the combined electrical control cabinet comprises a superimposed upper control cabinet and a lower control cabinet. The upper control cabinet and the lower control cabinet include a top plate, a bottom plate, a panel, a backplane, and two side plates. Convenient combination and split, beautiful appearance after combination. The combined electrical control cabinet housing has waterproof function, suitable for load-bearing requirements, outdoor or wet and other harsh environments, as well as vehicle vibration environment. The combined electrical control cabinet is widely used in industrial control, power system,transportation,communication,medicine,metallurgy, construction, mining and other fields.


Electric Control Cabinet

What is an Electric Control Cabinet?

Electric Control Cabinet is a centralized management of electrical equipment control system, it is usually composed of steel or metal shell, internal components, wiring and control equipment. Electrical control cabinets are widely used in industrial and civil electrical equipment scenarios to control, protect and monitor the normal operation of various electrical equipment and systems.According to different industrial application scenarios, independent control cabinets (one door) or Combined Electric Control Cabinet (two doors) can be used.  

What are the advantages of Electric Control Cabinet?

The Electric Control Cabinet can effectively improve the safety, reliability and maintenance of the power electrical system, and realize intelligent control. Therefore, the application of power electrical control cabinets is more and more extensive, mainly used in large substations, power grid monitoring and control, industrial control, security alarm systems and other scenarios. 

In addition, the power electrical control cabinet also has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, dustproof, anti-heat, seismic, low noise, corrosion resistance, etc., to provide a security barrier between the user and the control panel. Its internal integration of a variety of power electrical control equipment, such as circuit breakers, contactors, relays, motor protectors, etc., can complete the fault detection and processing of the power system in a very short time to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the power system.

Application of Electric Control Cabinet

Electric Control Cabinet is widely used in aerospace, railway traffic, communication equipment, electric power, petrochemical, medical, construction, metallurgy, mining and other industries of the electrical control system, is an important part to protect electronic equipment, to prevent interference from the external environment.

Electric Control Cabinet supplier

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