Hybrid Energy Storage Integrated Machine

a hybrid all-in-one BESS, compatible with high voltage LFP battery system, can achieve the best function to maximize clean solar power usage for your home while maintaining a sleek and professional look and making BESS installation easier than ever.

Hybrid Energy Storage Integrated Machine - Single-phase

a brand new single phase hybrid all-in-one BESS, is best for all electric vehicle owners. It fully meets your needs of daily charging at home after get off work. Gain higher battery capacity with better home energy protection.

Hybrid Energy Storage Integrated Machine-Three-phase

a high-efficiency three-phase high voltage hybrid all-in-one BESS. It supports 1-6 battery modules p

Single Phase Grid-tied Inverter

Bigger PV Modules,Smaller PV inverter. 20% lighter than other inverters. 3-5kW IMPPT single-phase focus matching 210mm photovoltaic modules. Low starting voltage, only 80V, the widest MPPT voltage range 80-550V.

Single Phase Hybrid Inverter

Single Phase Hybrid Inverter designed to seamlessly connect with the battery box, ensuring total usage of clean energy at all times. Even if the installation space is limited, the design of the split inverter and battery can meet the constraints of different scenarios.

Three-Phase Hybrid Inverter

a three-phase hybrid inverter with a power output range of 5-13kW. Compatible with both single-phase and three-phase loads, with ability to support 110% unbalanced load, and is well-suited for various home application environments.

Household Stackable Energy Storage

high voltage LFP battery with an innovative scalable modular design, allowing for capacity expansion from 4.99kWh to 29.9kWh. Stackable design between modules reduces installation and maintenance time. Long life technology ensures more than 7000 cycles with 90% DOD of cells. 1C Charge/discharg ratio, providing high power energy support.

Electric Vehicle Charger

an intelligent AC charger for electric vehicles. Connect with your energy storage systems seamlessly and manage remotely. Charging anywhere, saving anytime.


Residential ESS

Residential Energy Storage has been widely promoted and applied in the global market, which has positive significance for improving household energy management and achieving sustainable development.

What is Residential Energy Storage?

Residential Energy Storage refers to the application of energy storage technology in the residential home sector. This energy storage system can help residents optimize energy consumption, reduce electricity bills, ensure a stable supply of energy, improve energy efficiency, and achieve the integration of green renewable energy with the grid.

What are the characteristics of Residential Energy Storage?

1.Flexible deployment, outdoor application, safety guarantee.

2.SHZPower's Residential Energy Storage System Solutions help you achieve clean energy for your homes.

3.When there is an increase in regional load, there will be a need for capacity expansion. By deploying substation energy storage, it can effectively alleviate the capacity issues caused by substation transformer overloads and save investment costs.

What are the application scenarios of Residential Energy Storage?

1.Energy self-sufficiency: Households can store excess solar power for use during periods when there is no sunlight, thus achieving energy self-sufficiency and reducing their dependence on energy from the grid.

2.Peak cutting and valley filling: Through energy storage systems, households can store electricity during low electricity prices and then use this energy during peak hours, thereby reducing peak electricity bills.

3.Emergency backup power supply: In the case of power failure or power interruption, the energy storage system can be used as an emergency backup power supply to ensure the normal operation of household equipment.

4.With renewable energy: household energy storage system and home solar photovoltaic system or other renewable energy equipment used together to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental pollution.

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