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Product Description

What is Control Box?

It is used for AC 50HZ, voltage below 500V power system as a fire pump control, fan control, lighting and distribution control and other used equipment.

Application of Control Box

Control box is suitable for factories, enterprises, shopping malls, hotels, schools, schools, airports, ports, hospitals, high-rise buildings, living community, ac 50HZ, rated working voltage for ac 380V low voltage grid system, as power, lighting power distribution and motor control, suitable for indoor hanging wall, outdoor landing installation of power distribution equipment. Also used in ac 50HZ, voltage below 500V power system as fire pump control, submersible pump control, fire fan control, fan control, lighting distribution control, control mode with direct start control, star triangle pressure start control, lotus root start control, inverter start control, soft start control and other control methods, can also use isolation switch, fuse switch as isolation breakpoint.

Product Features of Control Box

Control box is mainly used to control the start and stop of the fan and water pump, control box must have double power supply mutual input function, control mode is divided into single speed and double speed control box, suitable for three-phase rated voltage 380V, single phase 220V, frequency 50Hz, frequent direct start and irreversible use occasions, mainly suitable for motors below 45KW. Light load startup occasions, by manual, automatic, a remote controlled portable starter. The control box can be remotely automatically controlled, external elimination control system and intelligent control system, in the automatic state, accept the alarm center signal, with automatic protection functions such as overcurrent, phase absence, circuit break, overload and power loss, play a reliable protection of the motor.

Supplier of Contirol Box

Shunzhi Power Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. (SHZPower) is a supplier dedicated to the electrical automation, medium and low voltage switch cabinets, box-type substations, power distribution cabinets, and multimedia boxes.

Professional Terminal Control Box supplier providing high quality and durable Terminal Control Box with high degree of use safety, mature processing technology, strong protection function. 

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