Energy Battery Container

Energy Battery container,a highly integrated battery container with three-tier battery management system,high protection level and all-round fire control system.It satisfies the application requirem-ents of various industrial and commercial scenarios.

Energy Storage Outdoor Control Cabinet

Energy Storage Outdoor Control Cabinet an outdoor independent control cabinet designed with integrated concept and is perfectly matched with outdoor battery cabinets for all scenarios. Product highlights:Prefabricated cabin design, the on-site wiring workload is reduced by 70%, no large crane is required, forklift can be installed.

Liquid Cooled Energy Storage Integrated Machine

Battery+BMS+PCS+Liquid Cooling System+EMS and more Highly integrated ESS for easy transportation and O&M. The integrated and modular design allows the site to be quickly set up and used.


Commercial and Industrial ESS

SHZPower's commercial and industrial energy storage solutions enable arbitrage, smooth load curves and scalability. At the same time, the product has the characteristics of high energy storage efficiency, long life, good cycle performance and so on, which can meet the needs of various industrial and commercial users.

What is Commercial and Industrial ESS?

Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage System(C&I Energy Storage) refers to the storage of energy in some form to provide energy to industrial and commercial areas when needed. This energy storage technology can help industrial and commercial users optimize energy consumption, reduce electricity costs, ensure a stable supply of energy, and improve energy efficiency.

What are the characteristics of Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage System?

1.Ensuring Reliable Electricity Operations for Modern Communities

Providing emergency power supply assurance for diverse load requirements in locations such as financial institutions, shopping malls, factories, and more.

2.Leveraging electricity price arbitrage to reduce electricity expenses.

Ideal for supermarkets and factories with significant electricity consumption and substantial peak-valley price differentials.

3.Ensuring Reliable Electricity Operations for Modern Communities

Enabling capacity expansion for locations with increased electricity demands that surpass the existing distribution capacity. This allows for cost-effective scalability without the need for extensive transformer upgrades.

What are the application types of Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage?

1.Demand-side management: Through the energy storage system, users can release the stored energy during peak hours to reduce the pressure on the grid, thereby reducing the electricity bill during peak hours.

2.Backup power: Industrial and commercial energy storage systems can act as emergency backup power to ensure that critical equipment or critical business can operate normally in the event of a power outage.

3.Renewable energy integration: Energy storage systems can store electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as solar or wind, and then release it when there is no or less renewable energy generation, improving energy efficiency.

4.Power grid stability support: Energy storage systems can help smooth the load fluctuations of the power grid, and provide functions such as frequency modulation and reactive power support services, so as to maintain and improve the stability and reliability of the power grid.

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