Terminal Control Box

What is a power control box?

Power control box is a power distribution device designed and assembled into various control functions according to component model, specification and quantity.

Working principle of power control box

Power control box is in order to meet the needs of outdoor environment and independent research and development of equipment, can be rain proof, dust proof, lightning protection, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, at the same time, intelligent power control box is modular design, installation and maintenance is very convenient.

Application of power control box

The products are widely used in power distribution, lighting distribution and automatic control of power system with rated power 380V or below and frequency 50Hz in industrial and civil buildings. The power control box is a closed structure, mounted on the wall or hidden in the wall.

Supplier of power control box

Shunzhi Electric Power Equipment Co. LTD. (SHZPower) is a supplier of electrical automation, medium and low voltage switchgear, box-type substation, distribution cabinet and multimedia box.

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SHZPower Control Box

Power Control Box is used as a customizable control device for various motor startup control and protection, and is widely used in fan control, water pump control, automatic lighting system, electric drive, fire control and other scenarios.

SHZPower Multimedia Distribution Box 

Multimedia Distribution Box is widely used in intelligent home, intelligent building, building intelligentization, intelligent electrical, weak current engineering, system integration, intelligent residential district, building automation, building intelligence, building electrical, integrated wiring, home wiring, network wiring, intelligent wiring, wiring system, wiring world, home LAN, home network, home decoration, home decoration, home fit-up, intelligent home appliances and other projects.

SHZPower PZ30 distribution box

PZ30 series terminal combined distribution box adopts steel-plastic structure, the box base adopts steel structure and coating, the end cover is made of flame retardant engineering plastic injection molding, and is equipped with transparent polycarbonate protective cover.

SHZPower Electric Meter Box

The material used to manufacture low-voltage cable branch box is a resin matrix composite material. The main composition of the box is divided into ABS engineering plastic, polycarbonate transparent PC material, DMC, SMC four materials from injection molding, pressing.


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