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Product Description

What is Energy Battery Container?

Energy Battery Container is a kind of grid scale industrial energy storage products, with domestic high-quality battery cells.It can be perfectly applied to the energy storage requirements of 1MW/2MWh, 2MW/4MWh, 2.5MW/5MWh in power generation projects such as wind storage. At the same time, it supports the needs of operation rate 1C scenarios with industry-leading reliability, scalability and security.

What are the advantages of Energy Battery Container?

1.With state awareness and fault warning, with multiple edge computing, improve the level of protection.

2.An excellent integrated energy management system provides powerful power, such as load transfer and energy asset tracking.

3.EMS has a three-level management structure, which can accurately provide short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection, voltage protection, undervoltage protection, overtemperature protection, etc.

What are the characteristics of Energy Battery Container?


Over 8,000 cycles


Energy density per unit area ≥30%


Liquid cooling system,the difference of SOC <3%

The price of Energy Battery Container

Affected by the application environment, the Energy Battery Container does not belong to a standard product, which is a non-standard customized product, and its price also changes due to the customer's requirements for accessories and supporting, and there is no fixed price. If you would like to know the latest prices, please contact us to make an inquiry.

Energy Battery Container supplier

Shunzhi Power Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. (SHZPower) is a high-tech enterprise focused on providing advanced energy storage products and intelligent energy management solutions. Our main products are liquid energy storage integrated machine, energy storage outdoor control cabinet, battery cabin, hybrid energy storage integrated machine, battery box, intelligent charging pile, etc. Our products have covered many application fields such as small, industrial and commercial, large, off-grid, micro-grid, distribution power, source side, etc. We will continue to innovate in green energy technologies, models and business forms, so that people in every corner of the world can enjoy a low-carbon and green life. If you are looking for a quality and durable Energy Battery Container, please feel free to contact us.


    3 0 0 0 H

    4 0 0 0 H

    5 0 0 0 H


    Battery type

    lithium iron phosphate

    Cell specifications

    3.2V /280Ah

    rated capacity

    2982 .4kWh



    rated voltage


    voltage range


    Pack type


    Number of battery clusters




    cycle index

    8000@0 .5C

    Heat dissipation method

    liqukd cooling

    active volume


    fire extinguisher system

    Hot aerosols

    system parameter

    Battery brand

    National best

    levels of protection


    Basic dimensions (width ,  height and depth)

    20 Foot

    30 Foot

    40 Foot


    About 32t

    About 42t

    About 52t

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