Low Voltage Switchgear

The rated current of the low-voltage distribution cabinet is AC 50Hz and the rated voltage of 380v as power, lighting and distribution.The product has the characteristics of strong separation ability, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electrical scheme, convenient combination, series, strong practicability, and novel structure.

1. Low voltage switchgear and control equipment commonly known as low voltage switchgear cabinet, also known as low voltage distribution cabinet, it refers to the AC and DC electrical pressure below 1000V.

2. The low-voltage power distribution cabinet market has been maintaining a rapid growth trend along with the construction and implementation of smart grid, infrastructure, the investment of manufacturing industry and the development of the new energy industry.

3. Arrangement of power distribution equipment: the low-voltage power distribution room power distribution equipment must be arranged under the premise of safety, reliability, application and economy, but also convenient for installation, operation, handling, maintenance, test and monitoring.High and low voltage electrical equipment rooms located in the same room, arranged in a row of power distribution cabinet rooms must have the appropriate distance and channel outlet.The necessary safety measures should be taken when arranging the power distribution equipment, such as the naked live body with dangerous potential should be covered or placed outside the range of the human extension arm.When it is difficult to use shields and covers, barriers can be used for protection.

SHZPower GGD Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet

GGD AC low distribution cabinet can be used in power distribution systems as AC 50Hz, rated working voltage of 380v rated current to 3150A as power, power conversion, distribution and control of distribution equipment.

SHZPower GCS Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet

GCS Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet is suitable for the power distribution system of power plant, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, high-rise building and other industries.

SHZPower MNS Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet

MNS low-voltage distribution switchgear in order to adapt to the needs of the power industry development, reference foreign MNS series low-voltage switch cabinet design and improved development of advanced low-voltage switch cabinet.

SHZPower XL21 control cabinet

XL21 control cabinet is the final equipment of the power distribution system.Assembly switchgear, measuring instrument, protective equipment and auxiliary equipment in closed or semi-closed metal cabinet or screen frame according to the electrical wiring requirements, forming a low-voltage distribution device.

SHZPower Dual power control box

The dual power supply control cabinet is mainly composed of a dual power supply automatic switching device.


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