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Product Description

What is Independent Control Cabinet?

Independent electrical control cabinet is a combination of various contactors, circuit breakers, relays and other traditional low-voltage electrical appliances and inverter,PLC, point touch screen and other modern, intelligent control equipment, to meet the requirements of the normal operation of the power system, easy maintenance.

Application of Independent Control Cabinet

Independent control cabinet is widely used in industrial control, power system,transportation,communication,medicine,metallurgy, construction, mining and other fields.

Product Features of Independent Control Cabinet

1.Independent control cabinet, not suitable for combined use.

2.Electromagnetic shielding, electrostatic shielding, effective shielding of electromagnetic or electrostatic interference.

3.The door panel is high from the ground, about 25mm, to ensure that the door is flexible and smooth.

4.The unique five-fold profile integral welded main frame not only ensures the high strength of the cabinet but also makes the protection level of the cabinet reach IP55.

5.The special door panel square tube reinforcing system can be fixed to the door panel with screws for easy removal.

6.The dense 25mm-spaced modular holes in the frame ensure flexibility and versatility in installation.

7.The galvanized mounting plate can be pushed into the cabinet from the front through the guide rail using a plastic slide, and there are U-shaped flanges on both sides to make the mounting plate stronger and easier to handle.

8.Support personalized customization, multiple styles, non-standard customization.

The price of Independent Control Cabinet

The price of the Independent Control Cabinet changes due to customer requirements for accessories and matching, and there is no fixed price. If you want to know the latest price, please contact us to initiate an inquiry.

Supplier of Independent Control Cabinet

Shunzhi Electric Power Equipment Co., LTD. (SHZPower) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in cabinet system solutions. Our main products are electrical automation, electric control cabinet, medium and low voltage switchgear, box-type substation, distribution cabinet, distribution box, cantilever control box and so on. Widely used in industrial intelligent manufacturing, new energy, transportation, medical technology and communication in the field of modern control and information box technology. To provide customers with professional and personalized design, and is good at high load bearing, high temperature, high humidity, high corrosion environment of high protection level (IP54-IP68) product design and production. If you are looking for a quality and durable electrical control box, please feel free to contact us.


    Cold-rolled steel sheet

    Surface treatment

    The cabinet is coated with phosphating base, the exterior is powder coated, the standard color is RAL7035 orange grain, and the mounting plate is galvanized

    Protection Class

    IP55 (according to GB/T 4208-2017)

    Standard configuration

    Front door, backplane, mounting plate, cabinet body, door lock, sealing strip

    Steel plate thickness

    Frame:Five-fold section1.5mm

    Door panel:2.0mm


    Mounting plate:2.5mm

    Available certification



    Non-standard products can be customized

    Optional ground belt, limiter, LED light, file bag, computer bracket, fan, air conditioning and so on

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