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Product Description

What is Wall-mounted Enclosure?

Wall-mounted Enclosure can be fixed with the wall connection, is a device used to control mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, etc., usually composed of box, controller, switch, socket, fuse and so on. 

Application of Wall-mounted Enclosure

Wall-mounted Enclosure is widely used in modern control and information box technology in industrial intelligent manufacturing, new energy, transportation, medical technology and communication.

Available certification:CE

Remark:Non-standard products can be customized

Product Features of Wall-mounted Enclosure 

1.PU foam sealing strip ensures IP56 protection grade of the box.

2.Various types and sizes of seal plate or boss structure ensure convenience of inlet/ outlet wire.

3.Galvanized mounting plate can also be used for wiring outside the box.

4.The multilayer protection slot can prevent dirt and water from entering the box when door is opened.

5.Professional lock system with double tooth lock core, opening and closing are extremely convenient.

The price of Wall-mounted Enclosure

The price of the Wall-mounted Enclosure changes due to customer requirements for accessories and matching, and there is no fixed price. If you want to know the latest price, please contact us to initiate an inquiry.

Supplier of Wall-mounted Enclosure

Shunzhi Electric Power Equipment Co., LTD. (SHZPower) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in cabinet system solutions. Our main products are electrical automation, medium and low voltage switchgear, box-type substation, distribution cabinet, distribution box, cantilever control box and so on. Widely used in industrial intelligent manufacturing, new energy, transportation, medical technology and communication in the field of modern control and information box technology. To provide customers with professional and personalized design, and is good at high load bearing, high temperature, high humidity, high corrosion environment of high protection level (IP54-IP68) product design and production. If you are looking for a quality and durable electrical control box, please feel free to contact us.


    Cold-rolled steel sheet

    Surface treatment

    Phosphating coated for box body and door plate, powder coating for outside, colour is RAL7035 orange Peel texture, galvanized mounting plate

    Protection Class

    IP56 (according to GB/T 4208-2017)

    Standard configuration

    Door panel, box body, sealing strip, grounding kit, mounting plate, door lock

    Steel plate thickness

    box body1.5mm

    Door panel2.0mm

    Mounting plate2.5mm

    Fabrication processes

    Getting your order - Caculating material QTY needed & open tooling  - Material stock - Fabrication dawings - Material laying off - Stamping - fix the burrs - surface treatment - quality inspection - packing

      Optional ground belt, limiter, wall mounting, LED lights, fans and so on

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