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What is a PV Combiner Box?

Photovoltaic Combiner Box (PV Combiner Box) is a key component in the solar photovoltaic power generation system. The main function of the photovoltaic junction box is to gather the direct current generated by a number of photovoltaic modules together, and output it to the photovoltaic inverter after the junction protector, and carry out overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection and other safety protection for the entire photovoltaic system. In simple terms, the photovoltaic junction box is a device that combines photovoltaic module circuits for management and protection.

What are the functions of the PV Combiner Box?

1.Photovoltaic cell series open alarm, status detection with switching input, used to collect DC circuit breaker, lightning arrester and other components of the action status with relay output, can be set to the point mode, used to drive the automatic opening and closing of DC circuit breaker to provide temperature, irradiation, wind speed and other types of sensor input interface.

2.Can output DC24V power supply to the external sensor power supply local digital tube cycle display of each channel input current, and has the automatic shutdown energy-saving display mode RS485 interface, support Modbus RTU communication protocol, communication address, baud rate, data mode can be freely set.

What are the components of the PV Combiner Box?

1.Input end: The input end is connected to the input lines of different photovoltaic modules to collect the direct current energy generated by each component.

2.Circuit breakers or fuses: Provide individual current protection for each input line to prevent overcurrent from damaging the PV module or causing a fire risk.

3.Bus: serves as a common node for electrical connections, bringing together multiple input circuits into one output circuit.

4.Overvoltage protector (SPD) : provides overvoltage protection to avoid damage to the solar photovoltaic power generation system caused by lightning strikes and other external reasons.

5.Output end: The output end is connected to the photovoltaic inverter, and the collected direct current energy is transmitted to the inverter for AC conversion.

6.Monitoring and communication functions: Optional monitoring and communication functions enable system operation and maintenance personnel to remotely monitor and manage bus-box operation data in real time.

The price of PV Combiner Box

Affected by the application environment, the PV Combiner Box does not belong to a standard product, which is a non-standard customized product, and its price is also changed by the customer's requirements for accessories and supporting, and there is no fixed price. If you would like to know the latest prices, please contact us to make an inquiry.

PV Combiner Box supplier

SHZPower is a high-tech enterprise specializing in cabinet system solutions. Our main products are Electrical Automation, High and Low Voltage Switchgear, Box-type Substation, Transformer, PV Combiner Box, Distribution Cabinet and so on. Widely used in industrial intelligent manufacturing, new energy, transportation, medical technology and communication in the field of modern control and information box technology. To provide customers with professional and personalized design, and is good at high load bearing, high temperature, high humidity, high corrosion environment of high protection grade product design and production. If you are looking for a high quality and durable PV Combiner Box, please feel free to contact us.

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    PV Combiner Box

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    PV array input voltage range


    Number of photovoltaic array input paths

    4loop - 24 loop

    Maximum current per circuit


    Class of protection


    Ambient temperature


    Ambient humidity


    Anti-reaction device

    Selective configuration

    Status indication and lightning count

    Selective configuration

    Data Acquisition Module

    Selective configuration

    Wireless data transmission unit

    Selective configuration

    Computer monitoring software

    Selective configuration

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