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Product Description

Overview of Precision PU Foam Dispensing Machine

Precision PU Foam Dispensing Machine is a small micro-function dispensing equipment independently developed on the basis of the standard constant dispensing machine, mainly for the sealing and dispensing of large-scale small and medium-sized workpieces.This PU gasket dispensing machine is mainly designed for the sealing requirements of high and low voltage switch cabinets, automatic control cabinets, outdoor rainproof boxes, communication cabinets, plastic waterproof boxes, etc. Complete CNC automation replaces traditional manual tape and can meet higher quality requirements. And it is easy for ordinary workers to operate and maintain, which can improve production efficiency for your company.

Product parameters

Payment method :T/T

Delivery time: Usually 10-20 days from the date we receive your payment

Available certification: CE

Warranty: One year from the date of delivery

Estimated total size: 2.5m×1.8m×2m

Gross weight: 0.7 tons

Packing: fumigation-free wooden box and plastic wrap protection, instructions and accessories issued with the machine

Installation and commissioning: Free online installation guide and online remote control maintenance

Product information: We will send detailed product technical parameters as well as specific accessory information and HD product details

Service: Professional online technical support (7*24)

Precision PU Foam Dispensing Machine features

The frame adopts integrated structure, light and flexible, easy to transport and move; The head is easy to maintain and has strong adaptability.

The control system adopts imported motion controller with bus communication and self-developed new generation of special dispensing software.

It has a two-stage rubber supply system device, which is driven by the German original Barmag high-precision gear pump, servo motor and precision reducer to meet the requirements of high-precision rubber production.

Application of Precision PU Foam Dispensing Machine

Intelligent control system, can be customized in Chinese, English and other languages, workpiece size, drawing files and technical parameters can be stored in the system, can be used directly; The intelligent operation simulation function of the system completely eliminates processing errors caused by artificial size problems in the production process.

It is suitable for automatic gluing equipment of automobile parts, automobile welding parts and automobile stamping parts

Precision PU Foam Dispensing Machine price

The price of the Precision PU Gasket Dispensing Machine is usually affected by raw materials, market environment, research and development costs, etc. There is no fixed price. If you want to know the latest price, please contact us to make an inquiry.

Precision PU Foam Dispensing Machine suppliers

SHZPower is a high-tech enterprise with a long history in China, dedicated to the scientific research, design and domestic and foreign trade of CNC dispensing machines, multi-color industrial inkjet printing machines, electrical automation, medium and low voltage switchgear, box substations, distribution cabinets and multimedia boxes. We have first-class service and high quality of products, exports to many countries and regions, product performance is stable.

The company provides one-stop foam sealing equipment, color inkjet equipment, power distribution and electrical automation solutions. All series of products of the company have the characteristics of stable performance, energy saving and high efficiency, and through CQC certification, some products through the European CE certification. With many years of industry experience, strong technical strength, sufficient production capacity, reasonable price, good business reputation, the products are widely used in industry, power stations, real estate, transportation, construction machinery, new energy power, photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, communication and other electricity fields.

Technical parameters

Equipment specification


Effective stroke (X*Y*Z)


Operating voltage

Three phase five wire system 380V

Working air source pressure

≥0.5MPA dry air source



Total power


Gluing temperature


Numerical control axis number

(3+3) axis

Running speed of glue head


X/Y/Z axis positioning accuracy


Gluing accuracy

The rated speed of the pump under the theoretical glue amount of ± 1%

Colloidal material


Strip width

2 mm-15 mm

Strip height

1~8 mm

Colloid mixing ratio


Flushing medium

Intelligent high-pressure water cleaning

    Standard configuration content

    Standard models and functions

    Numerical control system

    Taiwan new generation industrial controller

    XYZ axis servo motor, driver

    Panasonic of Japan

    For glue, mixing servo motor, driver

    Panasonic of Japan

    PLC+ signal acquisition module


    Lead screw and guide rail

    ABBA Taiwan

    A glue pump +B glue pump

    High precision metering pump

    Glue mixing system + glue valve

    Aviation aluminum + stainless steel glue head

    Glue pot

    Stainless steel constant temperature

     Nose cleaning system

    Standard air source automatic pressure flushing, no head multi-point flushing function

    Gas filling device for glue tank

    Automatic air replenishment

    Glue mixing head constant temperature system

    Automatic thermostat

    Automatic feeding port for glue tank


    External water circulation thermostat

    Guangzhou special thermostat

    Automatic constant temperature of glue tank and machine head


    Raw material filtration and rubber discharge port system


    Glue pot stirring


    Rubber tank liquid level alarm and display

    Liquid level sensor

    Trash can




    Frame color

    (Fixed part: gray   Removable part: dark blue)

    Processing range (mm)

    X axis: 70 0mm  Y axis: 500mm  Z axis: 200mm

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