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Product Description

What is Electric Meter box?

The material used to manufacture low-voltage cable branch boxes is a resin-based composite. The main composition of the box is divided into ABS engineering plastic, polycarbonate transparent PC material, DMC, SMC, four materials, including injection and pressing.

Application of Electric Meter box

Cable branch box, low-voltage distribution box, water pump control box, communication device cabinet, street lamp and traffic lamp control box, multi-function metering box, comprehensive distribution box, capacitor compensation box, terminal box, wall-mounted split line box, metering box in the public power grid.

Product Features of Electric Meter box

With a good distribution of electrical insulation, power distribution equipment, can maintain a good dielectric performance, in the high frequency of electromagnetic interaction, do not reflect the electromagnetic waves. Chemical corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, gap sensitivity, fatigue resistance, thermal conductivity and low expansion coefficient, excellent ultraviolet light aging resistance and other characteristics

Supplier of Electric Meter box

Shunzhi Power Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. (SHZPower) is a supplier dedicated to the electrical automation, medium and low voltage switch cabinets, box-type substations, power distribution cabinets, and multimedia boxes.

Professional Terminal Control Box supplier providing high quality and durable Terminal Control Box with high degree of use safety, mature processing technology, strong protection function. 

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    Product name

    Meter box



    Number of poles

    3-phase 4-wire system, 3-phase 5-wire system


    Below 100A

    Installation method

    Indoor and outdoor landing, wall-mounted installation


    Power receiving, distribution, control, protection, monitoring

    Product Features

    Power receiving, distribution, control, protection, monitoring


    Height 370-1200 Width 200-1500 Depth 93-300

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