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What is SHZPower American box type substation

The American box transformer, as an important power supply unit in the cable distribution network, the product puts the high voltage load switch and the high voltage fuse in the transformer box. The tank is fully sealed structure, and the transformer oil in the tank has good insulation and heat dissipation performance.

Application of SHZPower American box type substation

Widely used in cities, residential areas, hotels, hospitals, factories and mines, gas stations, airports, railways, docks and other outdoor power supply places.

Product features of SHZPower American box type substation

1.Small in size and compact in structure.

The floor area is only about 1 / 3-1 / 5 of the European box substation with the same capacity in China. Fully sealed, fully insulated structure, no insulation distance, safe and reliable, excellent.

2.transformer performance, low loss.

The high voltage chamber is equipped with oil humidity gauge, oil signal gauge, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, oil drain valve and other components to monitor the operation of the transformer.

3.High voltage incoming line adopts cable plug and can be equipped with zinc oxide arrester to meet various low-voltage outgoing requirements. According to user requirements, low-voltage metering and shunt outgoing line can be added.

4.The transformer adopts corrugated fins for heat dissipation.

After special process treatment, it has strong anti-corrosion ability, various shapes and structures. It can be made of ordinary steel plate, stainless steel and other plates.

Supplier of SHZPower American box type substation

Shunzhi power Electric Equipment co.Ltd is a supplier company dedicated to the electrical automation, medium and low voltage switch cabinets, box-type substation, power distribution cabinets, multimedia box . If you are looking for high quality and custom American box type substations, please feel free to contact us for the latest prices.


    order number



    technical parameter


    rated frequency




    rated voltage


    high-pressure side12low-pressure side0.4


    rated current


    high-handed400630low pressure100~2500


    Transformer rated capacity




    Rated short-time withstand current

    high tension switchgear

    12KV:16KA  2s(4s)  20KA  2s(4s)

    low voltage switch equipment

    250-315KVA:15KA 400-800KVA:30KA1000KVAAbove is the actual short-circuit current


    Rated peak tolerance current

    high tension switchgear

    12KV:40KA 50KA

    low voltage switch equipment


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